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January 14, 2014

User Experience and webmarketing

Marketing needs UX, more then ever. And when they meet each others?
A SEO campaign is an good example.
It’s more work on webmarketing side, but without a proper UX is not possible to apply the marketing strategy.

What is a SEO campaign?
It is an investment from a medium to long period in order to improve the findability of a website.

Which are best practises?

  • Quality and updated content
  • Relations with other website and media
  • Technical side: sematinc HTML and keywords
  • Conversion
  • Social network presence

In the early beginnings, for SEO campaign we tought only to the technical side, keywords and code written in a semantic way. But we thought only for search engine, while a SEO campaign is much more. To influence the search engine there is a real strategy to adopt, especially now the the google’s algorithm gives less importance to the keywords and more to the content graph. The content needs to have a user context in which is enhanced.
I imagine a marketing specialist and a UX designer talking about content and building the interface with it, driving the users and creating consistent way to talk with them.

Think to the pay-per-click campaign or the A/B testing, do we use them to understand and to improve the conversion regarding the number of visits in your website? This is another perfect mix between UX and marketing. Designing a different user’s context, giving a disposition and a visual weight to the content, it’s the way in which the designer adds value to the information. The designer drives the marketing specialist to find how to communicate the content.

Creating a consistent experience throughout the social network and website starts from the image’s planning: another time UX and marketing can influence each others through a dialog oriented to balance the marketing goals and the respect the users’s perspective.

Building an experience starts from the team that is working on it. We cannot think to work anymore in closed circle, where everyone does his own task, but we should be aware of the tasks of each one si involved in a planning with an horizontal vision, it will increase the consciousness and the respect of the other’s work and the product’s quality.

In my past experience, design was just a mean for the marketing, but time are evolving and user experience design is much more involved in “marketing matters” then before.
The SEO campaign, the A/B testing and the planning of a consistent content experience are just some examples on how UX and marketing can work closely, but there are many others to cover together, thinking that it is a team’s work in which each one gives its contribute.