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October 27, 2014

UX and visual art: looking for a common methodology (part I)

Some months ago I worked on a project together with an artist, and now I’m working with him again. I would like to share this experience with you this it shows very well how UX can benefit from an artistic point of view.

If I had to chose a pitch to describe my carrier, it would be this one: “I evolved in carrier as User Experience Expert starting from the philosophy of language through the art, to realise a creative communication for human beings.”

Working between visual art and design inspired me, pushed me to accept rules to manage creativity and at the same time, gives me the vision to break them with consciousness. I always leave an open door between the two, both for professional and personal reason.

My artist friend Diego Mazzaferro, asked me an help to make a video animation.

What I did was to analyse the concept that he wanted to communicate and the media chosen.

Then I applied my knowledge about human behaviours in order to better match the purpose with the user’s attention through a bunch of guidelines, more or less the same approach used on my daily working life.

The result was a full video (here the teaser) and a beautiful experience. I had part in other art project and I worked with him other projects, but in this I applied the user experience design with consciousness for the first time.

What did I learn?

He uses the Storytelling technique to design his visual works. And working with him gave me the possibility to think and to deep understand how this technique works. I use it since long time, doing storyboarding, personas, user’s journey, but I never asked to my self where it comes from and why it works so well.


This experience gave me two inputs:

  • how I can improve the visual work of an artist (video, photography, installation, etc.) thought the UX knowledge
  • the will to go deeper into the storytelling technique.

In a future post I will share with you more about the Storytelling technique.